Bart Nettle, scientolog og låtskriver

Hvordan samle inn penger til byggingen av en “Ideal Org”? Jo, skriv en sang! Den australske scientologen Bart Nettle skrev denne musikalske perlen i 2009.

Her er teksten for spesielt interesserte.


Join the team that’s doing the most good,

Get on the road, the road to Freedom,

You too can be part of the scene,

We’re got a star high goal to clear,

Lets put the Bridge there right now,

so mankind can be free,

free to be the all,

the best we can be,

Yeah we’re making our Ideal Org,

Yeah we’re creating our Ideal Org,

Yeah we’re building up our Ideal Org,

Yeah…This is our Community,

Yeah…This is our city,
Yeah…This is our family.

This is our you and me,

We play to win (repeat)

Don’t waste this brief breath,

We’re at the reverse point,

In our Eternity,

Step up for your Ideal Org,

Walk into the new,

Its your Ideal Org, (Repeat)

I’m going into Town, going into my Ideal Org.

I’m going into Town to my Ideal Org

Du finner mer om sangen hos Ex Scientologist Message Board.

:cry: Jeg hater livet mitt.

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