Chicago Fire-skuespiller kritisk til CoS-reklame i fagforeningstidsskrift

I fjor skrev Tony Ortega om en underholdende Twitter-feide mellom Christian Stolte, kjent fra NBC-serien Chicago Fire, og Kirstey Alley. Nå er Stolte på pletten igjen med en bitende kritikk av sin egen fagforening, SAG-AFTRA (the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), etter at de trykket CoS-reklame i bransjetidsskriftet sitt.

Her er brevet han skrev til redaktørene:

Dear Editors,

I’m going to try to state this calmly, but make no mistake — it is in no way acceptable that my union is permitting the evil cult of scientology to advertise in the pages of our magazine.

Do you have any idea how much damage these greedy, unethical monsters have done to thousands of well-meaning, gullible people and their families? Are you honestly unaware of the heinous crimes they’ve been guilty of? I urge you to read up on this cult and their crimes, because as a member of this union for twenty-some years, I will not tolerate even one more instance of opening your magazine and seeing an advertisement (and tacit endorsement) of this corrupt, unethical organization. Having endured an 18-year personal battle with various tentacles of Scientology, and knowing more than most about how they operate, and the slimy, criminal practices that constitute their playbook, I am ashamed that my union would have any traffic with them whatsoever. It is appalling to think that even one member of my community would be drawn into the toxic arms of this cult because he trusted something he saw in his union’s glossy-paged magazine.

I urge you to rectify this, and to sever connections immediately. If my union fails to do the right thing here, you will be hearing from me again, and the next time I will be loud, and public.

Christian Stolte
SAG/AFTRA member
Chicago Branch