CoS-kjendiser brukt på en helt ny måte?

Scientologi-kjendisene har lenge vært organisasjonens ansikt utad, skriver Tony Ortega, men nå ser det ut til at kjendisene har fått en ny rolle: De brukes til å “kontrollere” selve medlemmene!

“Oh, I agree completely,” he told us. Rinder said there has been a noticeable shift recently in the role of celebrities, and he thinks it’s related to Scientology leader David Miscavige’s ongoing problems with dwindling membership and horrific public perception, particularly with Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear coming to HBO on March 29.

“Generally the use of the celebrities has been for dealing with the world outside Scientology, for public relations and for giving an impression to the outside world,” he says. “But now, we’re seeing them being used to keep the flock from running out the gate. And suddenly, here are three important celebrities doing events in a single week? Jenna, Kirstie, and Chick all pitching to the internal public?”

Rinder agreed that we were seeing something new. “They’re trying to use the celebrities to handle the sheeple. Until this point, the celebrities had been for the outside world. It’s the first time I’ve seen this.

“I think this is very indicative of a panic situation,” he added.