CoS om ståheien i pressen: negativ presse gir oss flere medlemmer!

Tony Ortega med mer knask fra et orienteringsmøte holdt av Andres Rodriguez:

LEAK: ‘Crappy stories’ about Scientology are driving more people to the church than ever!

Andres! It’s time to take your final bow! Today we have the last section of the lengthy, secretly-recorded briefing that Scientology Sea Org official Andres Rodriguez gave to a gathering of Scientologists at an org recently somewhere in the United States.

This is our sixth and final portion of the recording of Rodriguez. (Previous sections can be found here: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth.) He’s also notable because he was married at one time to Jessica Feshbach, who became notorious as the aggressive “handler” of actress Katie Holmes during her first years married to Tom Cruise. Jessica is now married to former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, and they are no longer in Scientology’s elite Sea Org.

Rodriguez is the Senior Case Supervisor West US, which means he oversees the delivery of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” for half the country. But as we’ve seen, his description of that technology is not familiar to oldtime Scientologists who have left the church.

Former Sea Org member Chris Shelton has been helping us break down the jargon-filled statements made by Rodriguez. And in this final segment, Chris delivers another great analysis of what we can deduce about the current state of Scientology under leader David Miscavige.

First, give the recording a listen and follow along with our captions. Then Chris has a brief glossary before he gives another great explanation of what you’re hearing.