CoS' plan om å ta over verden: alle "Ideal Orgs" på størrelse på med "Saint Hill" innen 2016!

Tony Ortega har, i flere omganger, publisert lydklipp fra et orienteringsmøte med Andres Rodriguez, en toppleder i CoS. Klippene avslører CoS’ selvbilde og/eller hva de vil at medlemmene skal tro/vite om organisasjonen de arbeider for.

Det siste klippet Ortega har publisert, avslører CoS’ planer for de såkalte “ideelle” “Org”-ene. En “Org” er, enkelt forklart, organisasjonens “kirker”. En “ideell” Org er et forsøkt på å realiserere Hubbards visjoner for “religionen og dens kirker”. Ironisk nok har de ikke nok medlemmer til å fylle alle disse ideelle Org-ene, så kritikere omtaler dem gjerne som “Idle Orgs” i stedet.

Scientology’s plan to take over the planet: All Ideal Orgs ‘Saint Hill size’ by 2016!

We have another segment for you from a secretly-recorded audiotape which captures a briefing inside a Scientology church.

This is our fifth portion of the recent briefing given by Andres Rodriguez, a senior executive in the organization, and they just keep getting better. Rodriguez has really become a star here at the Underground Bunker, but he’s also notable because he was married at one time to Jessica Feshbach, who became notorious as the pushy “handler” of actress Katie Holmes during her first years married to Tom Cruise. Jessica is now married to former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, and they are no longer in Scientology’s elite Sea Org.

Rodriguez is the Senior Case Supervisor West US, which means he oversees the delivery of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” for half the country. But as we’ve seen, his description of that technology is not familiar to oldtime Scientologists who have left the church.

Former Sea Org member Chris Shelton has been helping us break down the jargon-filled statements made by Rodriguez. And in this segment, Chris delivers another great analysis of what we can deduce about the current state of Scientology under leader David Miscavige.

First, give the recording a listen and follow along with our captions. Then Chris has a brief glossary before he gives another great explanation of what you’re hearing.


Chris sent us another great analysis of what we’re hearing in this recorded segment. Here’s what he sent us…


All Ideal Orgs to be Saint Hill size by New Years: All that need be said about Saint Hill size is that it is a vacuous pipe-dream which all staff share of their organization somehow growing to a size where they can be paid a living wage and where they have basically “taken over” their geographical zone with Scientology popularized and respected by all the local citizenry. I know, right? Not one organization in the world has ever been able to achieve this, or even be able to hold on to more than 100 staff for longer than a year or two according to my best recollection. This idea gets trotted out every so often to pump up the staff and public and try to rally them around a common cause, not dissimilar to how the war effort galvanized the US in WW II. However, this target of getting every org to this point by the end of this year is so unrealistic that it is simply ludicrous. It is, however, illustrative of how Scientology management actually operates: Set a completely unrealistic target which no one thinks is actually possible, hype it as though it’s easy to do and then conveniently forget about it and stop pushing it when it’s obvious that no one is going to make it (in this case, probably sometime around September). Then, when New Year’s does come around, if Miscavige should happen to remember to ask someone about it or wants a status report, call justice actions on random executives at each management echelon to show that some action was taken to handle the “counter intention” as to why the target wasn’t met. (Mine uthevinger.)

Yeah, right!

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