Daily Mail om "scientologibyen" Clearwater

Artikkelen inneholder en interessant gjennomgang av de forskjellige CoS-eide byggene i Clearwater:

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the town Scientology built - Clearwater, Florida, where Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley rule with palatial estates, Sea Org members live six to a room and pay $100,000 to learn super human powers >

  • The beautiful resort town of Clearwater has millions of tourists
    every single year - but few ever set foot in the downtown area
  • Exclusive photos show the extent of Scientology’s grip on the city
  • The church owns 67 buildings over ten square miles, including motels,
    training centers, offices for ‘Special Affairs’ and ‘religious
    retreats’ worth more than half a billion dollars
  • Sea Org members earn $50 a week and work seven days starting at 7am
    and ending at midnight They pay for the right to run around a pole in
    circles for hours until they realize the error of their ways, says
    one former member
  • ‘You never get to see your family. That’s how it was for me. I was
    there from 1973 to 2007,’ former executive director tells Daily Mail


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Hvordan står det til med “Super Power”-bygningen i Clearwater?


Two years after Scientology’s ‘Super Power’ debuted, it’s still a flop

Tony Ortega har en liten oppdatering på “Super Power”-bygningen til CoS, hvor du kan “føle på” dine superkrefter:

Almost four years after its grand opening, a new look inside Scientology’s ‘Super Power’

We want to thank the tipster who took the time to send us some scans from the new issue of Scientology’s Source magazine, which features the “Perceptics” area on the fifth floor of the Flag Building in Clearwater, Florida, better known as the Super Power Building.

Way back in 2012, we published a massive set of blueprints of this building as it was being completed (part 1, part 2, part 3), and the most interest was always generated by the Star Trek coolness of the fifth floor and its Super Power gadgets. The building was finally opened in November 2013, some 20 years after construction first started, and now wealthy Scientologists pay tens of thousands of dollars to go through the various “rundowns” that make up the Super Power experience.

The futuristic fifth floor is set up to test and improve a Scientologist’s “perceptics.” These are 57 senses that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard proposed were abilities that the immortal thetan — your true inner self or soul — had once possessed but need to be regained as part of a Scientologist’s exploration of his or her past lives. As you go back millions of years to find out what happened to you on other planets in the galaxy, you should re-experience it with superhuman sense abilities, which the Super Power fifth floor can help you hone.

You might be tempted to imagine that Hubbard pulled this list of perceptics out of his ample posterior, but this is really as science-y as science gets, pilgrim. Here’s the list, from the magazine article:

Time, sight, taste, color, depth, solidity, relative sizes, sound, pitch, tone, volume, rhythm, smell, touch, personal emotion, endocrine states, awareness of awareness, personal size, organic sensation, heartbeat, blood circulation, cellular and bacterial position, gravitic, motion of self, motion (exterior), body position, joint position, internal temperature, external temperature, balance, muscular tension, saline content of cells, fields/magnetic, time track notation, physical energy, self-determinism, moisture, sound direction, emotional state of other organisms, personal position on the Tone Scale, affinity, communication, reality, emotional state of groups, compass direction, level of consciousness, pain, perception of conclusions, perception of computing, perception of imagination, perception of having perceived, awareness of not-knowing, awareness of importance/unimportance, awareness of others, awareness of location and placement, perception of appetite, kinesthesia. (Hey, what happened to oiliness?)