David Miscavige skal ha mottatt dødstrusler

Hos TMZ kan vi lese at CoS-lederen David Miscavige skal visstnok ha mottatt dødstrusler:


9/5/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is out to kill Scientology honcho David Miscavige … or so the guy vows, and it’s triggered a big police investigation.
A man repeatedly called the main number for Scientology in Hollywood in July, making very direct threats:
“Tell David that we are going to kill him.”
“We are going to assassinate Mr. Miscavige and every single one of you.”
“You tell your leader, who is an ahole and a motherf***, he is going to be shot pretty soon.”


Tony Ortega om notisen:

TMZ and the Miscavige “death threats”

Scientology leader David Miscavige is doing an amazing job dismantling the Church of Scientology. So only an idiot, or a lunatic, would call up the church and threaten to remove the man who is gradually ridding the world of such a menace.

But TMZ, which has a history of carrying water for the church, is reporting this morning that someone called Scientology to threaten Miscavige, and one of those calls lasted so long — nearly three hours — that it provided enough information for the Los Angeles Police Department to serve a subpoena on a “Jewish businessman.”

Is any of this noteworthy? Or even true? It’s hard to tell. After years of running interference for Miscavige and Scientology, TMZ did a bang-up job when news of the Wisconsin private eyes was dropped in their lap earlier this year. So who knows which way the wind is blowing over at Harvey’s shop these days.