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P I X E L K A B I N E T T 42

A unique handmade full-size arcade cabinet for two players, inspired by old industrial cabinets, vintage mixing consoles and early space travels. The retro futuristic body stands on four unique rocket nozzle like feet. These can be removed or replaced. The cabinet is decorated by a glowing planetarium on the front and an engraved saturn speaker grill. The folding top keep dust away when not in use.

The Pixelkabinett 42 comes in a numbered limited edition of 50. These made-to-order cabinets can be customized in many ways to suit any customer needs.

The standard version comes with an original jamma board of your choice, but the cabinet can aslo be customized to run a built-in modern computer, emulating all your favorite games through MAME.

For further info about the boards/games available, head to the SHOP

/ 120x50x40cm(folded) / Ash and American Walnut / 2015


Videospill som interiørarkitektur? Du gode Xenu!



oh, yeah!



Ny Thimbleweed Park-trailer ute:


12 timer (!) med C64-cracktroer:


Bør ikke sees av folk med epilepsi!


Ubisoft har sluppet en kattesimulator!


I Russland:


Et nytt eventyrspill til Commodore 64!


Interessert i pixel-grafikk? Mark Ferrari, mannen bak bakgrunnene i Monkey Island, Loom osv, prater om hvordan han jobber:


Liker du eventyrspill og TV-serier? Andrew Scaife har laga ei bok med begge deler:


Noen her som testa Sega Saturn CD i sin tid?

Nå er det visst minnekort-/usb-leser på gang til konsollen, for første gang på 20 år:


Intervju med mannen selv, Ron “Monkey Island” Gilbert:

97: Doom Killed Adventure Games


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