Digert scientologikritisk skilt på Hollywood Boulevard


Det var vel ikke annet å vente. Jeg kan tenke meg Miscavige tok fram sine største juss-kanoner her.


Dessverre. Blir vel neppe noe av skilt-planene da.


PageSix har en artikkel om saken: Did church block anti-Scientology billboard?



Etter ganske mye om og men klarte ekteparet Jones å få opp sin store plakat. Den har god plassering, omm enn ikke så nære sciontologi-komplekse “Big Blue” som de hadde håpet. I løpet av en måned er derventet at en million mennesker vil se skiltet.

Tony Ortega: THE BILLBOARD IS UP: Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ on view in Los Angeles


De har fått adskillig mer presse om dette skiltet enn de hadde regnet med:

Både ABCs 20/20, Inside Edition, Today Show og Good Morning America dekker saken. Jamie DeWolf (grandoldebarnet til Hubbard) var også der og kastet glans over anledningen.

Tony Ortega: Phil Jones reflects on the media frenzy at the dedication of his anti-Scientology billboard


Scientologiorganisasjonen burde google “Streisand effect”.



FOX 11: Parents buy billboard in Echo Park to reach children in Scientology


Scientologikirken mener vel dette bare er god PR, eller noe slikt.

Hvordan er dette relatert, egentlig?

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Scientology buys ‘.org’ and ‘.net’ sites to battle anti-disconnection billboard in Los Angeles

Twice, the Church of Scientology managed to head off Phil and Willie Jones as they attempted to get a billboard put up in Los Angeles about the organization’s toxic “disconnection” policy. The couple, former church members who live in Las Vegas, signed contracts with Outfront Media and Regency Outdoor, but both caved to pressure from Scientology and rescinded the contracts at the last minute.

Phil and Willie pressed ahead, and found a third company, Lamar, that was willing to post their message on a billboard in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. The billboard was put up Monday morning, and then a media frenzy descended on the couple as they held a dedication ceremony on Wednesday. The billboard simply asks Scientologists to call their loved ones, in defiance of disconnection.

And now, we learn that Scientology had a backup plan while it was trying to keep the billboard from going up. Phil and Willie’s billboard directs people to a website they set up to discuss disconnection. Its URL is StopScientologyDisconnection.com. But last night, Phil realized that Scientology has bought up the same URL — with the suffixes .org and .net — in order to catch web surfers who type in the wrong thing.

Although the ownership of the alternate sites is hidden behind a proxy, the content of the websites makes it clear that it’s Scientology who owns them — they link to the main scientology.org mothership. Both website domains were purchased late in the evening of February 29 — the day the billboard reached its funding goal after we first posted news about the project and our readers helped raise the first $10,000.

The Scientology site mimics the style of the Jones billboard, as you can see above, with portraits of Scientologists and, instead of “Call me,” the words “Meet us.”

Clicking on the portraits takes you to a page at the scientology.org site where you can watch video testimonials that Scientology began making in 2009.



Som om det skulle gjøre dem mindre creepy…


Nettopp. De kan dette med å gjøre ting verre for seg selv.


Et nytt skilt er under planlegging:

BILLBOARD 2.0 — Phil and Willie Jones set their sights on Scientology’s mecca in Florida

Fresh off of their media conquest in Los Angeles, former Scientologists Phil and Willie Jones have a new target for their bright idea to highlight Scientology’s toxic “disconnection” policy with a prominent billboard near a major church center.



Det andre skiltet er på plass, melder Tony Ortega:

BILLBOARD UP IN FLORIDA: Scientology ‘disconnection’ on view near Clearwater ‘mecca’


We just got word from Phil and Willie Jones. Their second “Call Me” billboard just went up in Largo, Florida, bringing attention to Scientology’s “disconnection” policy just a few miles from where the church has its international spiritual “mecca” in the town of Clearwater.



Scientologiorganisasjonen var kjappe med å få opp sitt eget skilt da Phils og Willies skilt ble tatt ned:

Scientology wastes no time taking over Florida sign after ‘disconnection’ billboard expires


When Phil and Willie Jones took their idea to Florida for a billboard about Scientology’s toxic ‘disconnection’ policy — an idea that had garnered them a huge amount of press in Los Angeles — they were able to crowdfund enough money to post their sign just off E Bay Drive in Largo, only a few miles from Scientology’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater.

There was less press at their Florida dedication party than there had been in Los Angeles, but the appearance of so many people familiar to readers of the Underground Bunker — including Jamie DeWolf, Nora Crest, Meshell Little, Brian Sheen, Skip Young, and Valeska Paris — was still pretty impressive.

This time, however, Phil and Willie weren’t able to raise as much money as they had for their first billboard, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, so they were only able to pay for their Florida sign to remain up for a single month.

And as soon as it came down a few days ago, it was replaced by a message from a Scientology front group. (And thank you to Mark Bunker for getting over there and taking a photo of it for us.)



Nytt skilt på gang, visst:

The new ‘disconnection’ billboard on Sunset Blvd is going to be a Valentine to Scientology


Previously, Phil Jones revealed the location of his newest “Call Me” anti-disconnection billboard in Los Angeles that will call attention to the Church of Scientology’s practice of splitting up families.

Phil and his wife Willie can’t see their own two grown children, Mike and Emily Jones, because they are Sea Org workers and their parents were “declared suppressive persons,” which is Scientology’s way of saying that they’ve been named enemies of the church and must be avoided by other Scientologists, even their own kids, who have “disconnected” from them. Last year, Phil and Willie raised money to put up billboards asking Scientologists to defy disconnection and call their loved ones — one in Los Angeles, the other in Largo, Florida near Scientology compounds.

Phil and Willie once again have crowdfunded enough money that they’re going to post their billboard just blocks from two key Scientology facilities in Los Angeles. And now we have a date — Phil says the contract he’s signed is for February 13, but it usually takes a day or two for the sign to go up.

So think of it as a sweet Valentine to Scientology leader David Miscavige. Here’s what Phil told us about it…