"Disconnection" i praksis: les meldingen en scientolog sendte til bestevennen

Tony Ortega har skriver om hvordan Scientologikirken ikke bare bryter opp familier, men også vennskap: http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/20/see-the-message-a-scientologist-sends-to-disconnect-from-a-best-friend-forever/

See the message a Scientologist sends to disconnect from a best friend, forever

Here at the Underground Bunker we’ve brought you many stories of “disconnection,” the toxic Scientology policy that rips families apart. But not every order to disconnect involves the kind of family heartbreak that we saw with Sara Goldberg, for example, in Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear.

When Scientology orders people to cut off ties, it can have consequences not only for families but for close friends and in unexpected ways.

Zac Hopkins (pictured) was a third-generation Scientologist. He grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended Scientology private schools until, he says, at about the age of 12, he told his parents that he demanded they put him in public school.

“All of my friends joined the Sea Org. But I was more on the rebellious side,” he says. And that’s why he developed a strong friendship with another rebellious young Scientology student, a young woman who bounced back and forth between Zac’s public schools and Scientology private schools.

Zac, like many other kids who grew up in Scientology, had a different relationship to the church than people who join as adults. For him, Scientology was a presence in his life rather than something he worked at. For example, even as a child his parents made him fill out a “CSW” — a “completed staff work,” essentially a permission slip that church staff members submit — even if it was just to buy a toy. But Zac also felt only tenuously attached to Scientology at times. He wasn’t focused on going up the “Bridge” of course levels, and he had no interest in joining the Sea Org, the hardcore elite of Scientology who sign billion-year contracts.

And the same seemed to be true of his friend. She was also on the fringes of Scientology, both part of it and not part of it, and it helped cement their friendship.