Et videosvar til Jenna og Bodhi Elfman

Jenna og Bodhi Elfman, begge scientologer, diskuterer ekteskapelig samliv og livet generelt på sin podcast, “Kicking and Screaming”. Episode ni tar for seg hvor vanskelig det er å forene et sexliv med familieliv, og beskrivelsene blir rimelig eksplisitte til tider, noe to eks-scientologer mener berettiger et videosvar.

Hvorfor? Jo, fordi vanlige, “run of the mill”-scientologer hadde blitt straffet for den slags:

Her er Jenna og Bodhi Elfmans video:

Tony Ortega treffer spikeren på hodet, tror jeg:

Obviously, the two of them were going for humor, but it came off strangely, and it was not hard to see a lot of animosity below the surface between the two of them, not only for each other but also for pretty much everyone else.

En annen video om scientologi og sex.

From Cradle to Slave: Nora Crest starts her video series with frank talk about Scientology and sex

Nora Crest dazzled attendees at the Toronto Scientology conference organized by Jon Atack last month, and now you’re going to get a taste of her storytelling talents with the video she’s allowing us to debut here today.

We told you earlier that Nora was starting a series of her own about what it’s like to grow up in Scientology and work in its restrictive Sea Org. Today, she’s launching her series, “Growing Up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave,” with a piece about her own experiences learning about the organization’s attitudes about sex.

As Nora explains, Sea Org members are taught that there’s a hierarchy of sexual transgressions in Scientology, and that only heterosexual sex — in the missionary position, and between married adults — is actually permitted. But as for everything else, there’s a descending scale of venality, and she lays out those rules here and has a lot of fun doing it. give it a look!

We asked Nora for some words about her project, and she sent us this…


En ny video fra Nora Crest: