Ex-Scientologist Message Board stenger 30. september

ESMB, Ex-Scientologist Message Board, skal visstnok stenge 30. september:


Yesterday morning, we rose to the surprising news that Michelle “Emma” Ryan had announced that she would be shutting down new posting on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board as of September 30.

ESMB, especially in its early years, was a hugely beneficial website that allowed people coming out of Scientology, or who had left years before, to come to grips with their experience in L. Ron Hubbard’s movement.

But running a forum is often a thankless task, and Michelle hinted that she’d been considering the move for some time. She was finally motivated to make her announcement when she learned that her daughter had gotten engaged and Michelle had a wedding to plan. So, on September 30, ESMB will no longer be accepting new posts, but Michelle indicated that the archives of the forum would remain online.

We reached out to Michelle last night to tell her how much her website had meant in the history of Scientology watching.