Flag World Tour: bak kulissene

Har du lurt på hva som skjer på arrangementene til “Flag”, scientologiorganisasjonens spirituelle hovedkvarter?

En av Tony Ortegas lesere kom seg inn på et arrangement:

What happened when one of our readers got into a Scientology ‘Flag World Tour’ event

What a treat we have for you today. On Friday, we brought your attention to a flier that had been posted online claiming that there would be a meeting in Houston Saturday night to discuss the possibility of a new “Ideal Org” project starting there. The flier had been posted by a Scientologist who is also involved in the Nation of Islam. The NOI and Scientology teaming up to put an Ideal Org in a city that only currently rates a mission? This sounded interesting, especially to one of our Houston readers.

In our comments section, he goes by the handle “Commodore H. McCringleberry,” and we learned when we met him during our book tour last year that he’s actually an Army veteran as well as a very knowledgeable Scientology watcher, even though he’s never been a Scientologist himself. He told us that recently, he’d actually encountered some Scientologists from the Houston mission, had gotten to know one in particular — named Barb — and that he thought he could use that connection to get himself into Saturday night’s event. And that’s exactly what he did. Here, then, is his detailed report about what went on. We think you’ll find it really well done.