Going Clear: Tom DeVocht om Tom Cruises rolle i CoS

Alex Gibneys dokumentar, Going Clear, presenterer ny informasjon om Tom Cruise, skriver Tony Ortega. Tidligere Sea Org-leder, Tom DeVocht, er et av intervjuobjektene i dokumentaren, og han oppsummerer Cruises rolle i CoS slik:


In Miscavige’s mind, those of us in International Management were all looking for opportunities to betray him and take the church down. He needed someone he could count on.

He explained his strategy to me this way. “Cruise isn’t smart enough to run the church like I can, but he has the presence and could be my Inspector General, and people would respect and listen to him. Because Tom is a very good actor, he could carry out my exact commands and directions like a puppet, and that would be OK with me. He wouldn’t even have to think. Then we’d be getting somewhere.”

He looked at me sternly and insisted, “I’m damned serious about this and I think he’ll do it.”