Hubbard, datamaskiner og Hertugen av Chug!

Litt vittig, synes jeg. Hubbard var ikke alltid like imøtekommende når det gjaldt teknologi. Telefoner var for eksempel “psykotiske”, ifølge Ron. Men rundt 1980 begynte han å fabulere om et datasystem som skulle kunne kjøre hele scientologisulamitten. Ideen, den fikk han fra noe som skjedde i en helt annen del av galaksen, for millioner av år siden…

Hubbard said that the Duke of Chug was a secret criminal with hidden evil purposes. The Duke had raised income taxes to obscene levels. But even with higher taxes, societal conditions were getting worse and not better. The planet was on the verge of a massive and bloody revolution. But then the computer system, impervious as it was to weak-headed human emotions, performed a dispassionate analysis and discovered that the Duke of Chug was embezzling gigantic sums of tax money. Acting with speed, precision, and ruthless ethics, the computer system ordered the Duke of Chug executed. Peace, harmony, and financial sanity returned and the planet was saved from ruin. L. Ron Hubbard wanted this same type of ruthless computer management system for the Church of Scientology. This computer system would not be influenced by any “human emotion or reaction” as Hubbard called it. In his “Chug Advices,” Hubbard ordered Scientology’s computer unit INCOMM (International Network of Computer Management) to devise such a system.

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