Hubbard dumpet visst videregående skole også

Takket være “loven om innsynsrett” vet vi nå at Hubbard ikke bare kludret til universitetsstudiene:

We have found that FDA inspectors looked into every aspect of Hubbard’s life, and in these new documents, we learn that in 1963 they dug up a pretty complete set of Hubbard’s school records. Longtime Scientology watchers know that transcripts of Hubbard’s brief college career have been online for many years. But now, for the first time, we have his high school grades.

And also for the first time, a small mystery about Hubbard’s school years has been solved.


Advanced algebra II: C
Commercial geography: C
Elementary algebra I: grades D & C
English I: D
English II: C
French I: C
Physiography: B
Spanish I: C
World history II: C


Miller says that Hubbard’s own version, in his journals, was that coming home from the parade someone had thrown a baseball at him, hitting him on the head. He stopped to confront the perpetrator, and ended up breaking his hand. “My hand was reset four times and life lost its joy. I sold the Ford and went West…” Hubbard wrote.

So which was it? Was he expelled, did he punch out a teacher, did he get “itchy feet,” or had life “lost its joy?” Now, after nearly 87 years, we finally have the answer to this mystery: Helena High School flunked Hubbard on May 11, a week after the parade.

He did, apparently, break his hand on the day of the parade, and then said he couldn’t take his final exams. But the FDA record is unequivocal: “He was dropped May 11, 1928,” the report says, and that language is repeated several times.

Here, for the first time, are Hubbard’s Helena High School grades, as gathered by the FDA in 1963…

And also, from the FDA file: “Another letter in this file indicates that Mr. Hubbard was dropped from Helena High School, Helena, Montana, on May 11, 1928 due to failure of French, Spanish, geometry and physics.”