Hubbard og OT3

En del av dere kjenner nok til OT3, også kalt “Wall of Fire”, hvor scientologer først får høre om Xenu og hvordan våre mangler og feil skyles “kroppsthetaner”. Men alle har gjerne ikke hørt Hubbards egne forelesninger om emnet. Tony Ortega har i det siste lagt ut flere klipp fra en beryktet forelesning om bord skipet Apollo:

Ortega har også lagt ut et interessant, og ikke minst morsomt, utdrag fra ei bok eks-scientolog Hana Whitfield jobber med:

It was January 1968. Valencia harbor, Spain.

I was the Chief Officer on the Avon River and Joe van Staden, the Captain, and I were preparing our ship for Hubbard’s upcoming Whole Track Recall Mission.

Hubbard had just released OT 3. He glowed as he strutted proudly around the Royal Scotman — his Flagship on which he lived and which was docked next to the Avon — surveying the many Scientologists pouring on board from near and far to do his new OT 3.

Hubbard had invited qualified crew to start on OT 3 as well. I was one of many. I won’t go into the mess of trying to do OT 3. This is about what happened afterwards.

A number of Sea Org members completed OT 3 in a week. I had a premonition that Hubbard would go ballistic when he heard the news. How could I not? It had taken him years and he claimed he almost died in the attempt. However, unable to get anywhere with the level and after seeing my crewmates attesting, I decided to do the same.

Two mornings later, I was on deck on the Avon River supervising quantities of stores coming on board for our trip when a Commodore’s Messenger ran up to me. I think it was Janis Gillham (Grady). Out of breath, her face flushed, she said in quick words that the Commodore wanted to see me immediately in the Royal Scotman B Deck dining room. When I arrived, Peggy Bankston and Yvonne Gillham (Jentzsch) were already there.

Hubbard marched in grim-faced clearly beside himself.

I steeled myself.

He paced around the large dining room for a few seconds.

“You all know it took me years to research OT 3,” he began, his voice was hard, his words clipped. “The damage it did is irreparable and I almost dropped the body. And that getting through it would take years of uncompromising auditing.” He peered at us, anger distorting his features, shoulders hunched, his hands clenched. “Do you think I said that for your amusement? Yet all of you,” he spat out the words as he jabbed at us in turn, “attested in one week? Do you realize that doing this level honestly is your only road out of this … this trap?“ He looked around the dining room waving his hands. “Do none of you get it?”

He paced around again, the words pouring out of his mouth, falling over one another. Suddenly he stopped and stood not a foot in front of us.

“If the OT 3 platens didn’t restimulate you enough, I’ll tell you the whole story!”
He began, his voice alternating between fury, a plaintive wail, and a kind of singsong that reminded me of his Saint Hill Special Briefing Course taped lectures. I became scared he would have a heart attack…

Before the volcanoes exploded on Earth, Hubbard raged, Xemu set up traps to capture people on his empire of planets. The capture of humans, particularly prisoners, thieves, killers, rapists, stealers, was ingenious. Xemu’s renegade army set massive bonfires at strategic locations with voice recordings that cried out, beseeched, in scared voices – “Please help me!” and “Mother?” or “Father?” or “Here! I’m here! Help!” The recordings, voices pleading for help, rose from the flames for years.

“Of course, people went to help . . . and were caught! Like that!” Hubbard’s fingers snapped!

Once he had them electronically immobilized and bound, Xemu brought them to earth, and placed them on volcanoes. The volcanic explosions went on for years, the stream of bodies arriving and being thrown down into the fires and red-hot lava unending.

Hundreds of thousands of Xemu’s psychiatrists, waiting in the wings, pounced onto unwilling and resisting thetans, pinned them with electronic beams and PDH’d (pain, drugs, hypnosis and electric shock) them for sixty days to break and control them.