Hva skjedde med Scientology Black Ops?

Nyhetskanalen 7News la ut en trailer for sin kommende dokumentarserie, Scientology Black Ops, i starten av juli. Seriens ti episoder skulle visstnok slippes 9. juli, men så ble seriens premiere flyttet til 14. juli. Nå, i skrivende stund, er serien fremdeles ikke sluppet, og traileren er fjernet fra kanalens nettside. Hva skjedde?

Tony Ortega har en artikkel om saken: ‘Scientology Black Ops’ series with Leah Remini & Paul Haggis spiked by Aussie network | The Underground Bunker

Seymour did not answer our email asking what had happened to the series. We also sent emails and messages to the network itself, asking if the series has been delayed.

It’s our understanding, however, that “Scientology Black Ops” has not been delayed. It’s been spiked by the network and won’t be aired.

Fortunately, we had downloaded a copy of the trailer before 7News removed it from its website….

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On July 14, “Scientology:Black Ops” was scheduled to air on Stokes’ network and it would harshly expose Packer’s friends, Tom Cruise and Tommy Davis, with new revelations about how they had taken part in Scientology’s legendary “Fair Game” campaigns against people the church considered enemies.

Because the series was approved by the network’s lawyers but then pulled at the last moment, Leah says she suspects that Packer went on behalf of his friends to Stokes to get the series killed, which is also what we heard from a source at 7News itself.

“I also subscribe to this theory on Channel 7. We know the series had legal clearance,” Leah Remini’s TV co-host and podcast partner Mike Rinder says.

The two of them were interviewed by 7News journalist Bryan Seymour for the 10-part series, and full disclosure, Seymour also interviewed us in December to help explain Scientology’s history of Fair Game retaliation schemes and spying.

Seymour, with Remini and Rinder’s help, was poised to reveal that Cruise and Davis had been involved in a plot to dig up dirt on a legendary Hollywood figure close to Cruise in order to silence her, and Davis had also tried to compromise a major Hollywood institution in order to find similar material on another film figure.

Tony Ortega antyder at grunnen til at showet ble kenselert er at det kritiserte Tom Cruise: EXCLUSIVE: The real Tom Cruise — Leah Remini exposes Scientology’s biggest asset | The Underground Bunker


The Underground Bunker has learned that the initial episode of ‘Scientology Black Ops,’ a special 7NEWS Australia investigation that was cancelled by the network in July, has been leaked to the Internet.

We had time to watch the episode and prepare a transcript of it, and we’re posting the video as an embed for you to see here.