Hvor ble det av Tommy Davis?

Alle som har sett BBC-dokumentaren Scientology and Me husker Tommy Davis, lederen for CoS’ Celebrity Centre International i Los Angeles og organisasjonens utsending for å “håndtere” BBC-journalisten John Sweeney. Det hele endte, som kjent, med at de brølte om kapp:

Men hvor ble det så av Tommy Davis? Han forsvant av radaren rundt 2011. Det viser seg at han har flyttet til Austin i Texas, og at han for tiden jobber som avdelingsleder for Colony Capital. Betyr det at han er på vei ut av Scientologikirken? Selv sier han at han er “on leave”.

En av Tony Ortegas lesere sendte Davis en e-post, mest for å se om han fikk et svar. Og det fikk han:

Tommy Davis, still besties with COB

One of our readers, Dave Marshall, said he couldn’t help himself. He wondered if former Church of Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis would respond if he was sent an email.

Tommy left his post as Scientology mouthpiece in 2011. He testified in a deposition that he’s on “leave” from Scientology’s Sea Org, but still considers himself a member of the church. (Our own sources say that Tommy’s actually moved pretty far away from the church as well.) He and his wife, Jessica Feshbach, are based in Austin, and they’re raising a young child. But because Tommy works as a top assistant to Colony Capital honcho Tom Barrack Jr., who is based in Santa Monica, Tommy is often spotted in Los Angeles.

Marshall sent Tommy a note through his Colony Capital email address…

“My regards to Thomas (Tommy) Davis, one time right hand man of David Miscavige. So glad you escaped from his evil clutches. I know you haven’t left Scientology yet, but you still can. Be strong Tommy.”

Davis replied…

“Yes. I am a Scientologist. Moreover, David Miscavige always has been and always will be my friend. Keep your bigotry to yourself.”

Marshall responded…

“Great to get a reply. Hope you’re OK and that your wife is too.”

And Davis followed up with…

“You don’t care. Don’t act like you do. Don’t ever email me again and I haven’t a clue why you emailed one of my colleagues. Unlike you, my friends and colleagues respect my religious beliefs and have a intense dislike for people like you who preach hate.”

Hey, that’s our Tommy! Good to know he hasn’t changed a bit.