Hvorfor ingen bør bli med i Sea Org

Nå hadde du gjerne ingen planer om å bli med i Sea Org, scientologiorganisasjonens “paramilitære orden” for de mest hengivne og engasjerte scientologene.

Like fullt kan det være greit å vite, fra et juridisk ståsted, hvorfor absolutt ingen bør melde seg inn i Sea Org. Problemet med liksom-marinen, slik Jeffrey Augustine ser det, er at man fraskriver seg all juridisk beskyttelse mot utnyttelse:

Why no one should ever join Scientology’s ‘Sea Org’

Frequent contributor Jeffrey Augustine told us he was surprised to see how some of the language in Scientology’s latest court filing — in the Laura DeCrescenzo lawsuit — dovetailed in such interesting ways with the recent explorations he’s been making into the church’s legal underpinnings. We told him to let that take him where it would, and here’s the result…

Last week we discussed the reason why no one should ever believe anything said by Scientology Sea Org or staff members. And as we saw in Thursday’s column by Tony Ortega, the Church is fighting back in Laura DeCrescenzo’s forced-abortion lawsuit by arguing that the brutality it visits upon its staff is fully protected religious activity.

The Church’s legal filing in this case provides a frightening and instructive argument for our proposition that no one should ever join the Church of Scientology’s Sea Org. In the DeCrescenzo filing, the Church has made it perfectly clear that it is more than willing to weaponize the First Amendment in order to protect its shameless, self-serving, and bare-knuckled treatment of Sea Org members. When push comes to shove, the Church’s message is crystal clear: Sea Org have no legal protections from Scientology’s inherent brutality: