Jim Dincalci om Hubbards depresjoner og paranoia

The Underground Bunker: The paranoid, depressed L. Ron Hubbard: Jim Dincalci’s 1997 ‘Secret Lives’ TV interview


In the video, Dincalci talks about something Hubbard’s son Nibs had told him — that his father had hopped him up on amphetamines for a bizarre counseling session that ended up being the basis for the wild claims in Hubbard’s strangest book, A History of Man.

Dincalci gave up medical school to join Scientology, and ended up serving as Hubbard’s assistant medical officer on the Apollo as Hubbard ran Scientology from the ship in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Caribbean.

He relates a couple of Hubbard’s medical situations — and how it surprised him that the “enlightened being” who was master of “mass, energy, space, and time” needed painkillers and other medicines.