L. Ron Hubbards egne reklamefotografier

En liten kuriositet fra Tony Ortegas blogg: Hubbards egne fotografier fra en brosjyre datert 1975!

Bildene gir oss et innblikk i hvordan Hubbards selv ville ha scientologi markedsført.

[When is the best time to spring ‘Dianetics’ during your date at Pizza Hut?] Foto: TonyOrtega.org

Over at Facebook in a private group, former Scientologist Neil Sarfati posted some very fun images from a flyer dated 1975 which feature him in a number of images. What we especially like about them is that they were photos shot by L. Ron Hubbard himself, and give us a good idea of how Hubbard wanted to market Scientology.
Neil was in Scientology from 1968 to 1976, and during that time he had some pretty amazing experiences with Hubbard as a member of the Apollo Stars, a jazz ensemble that recorded a single album with Hubbard’s participation. Last year, Neil talked about the Apollo Stars experience for a very good piece about the band and its brief heyday.
We told Neil that we enjoyed the photos he posted. We particularly liked the one of him and his wild mane in a scene with him dancing…

Foto: TonyOrtega.org


Foto: TonyOrtega.org


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