"La ham dø": David Miscavige hyret privatdetektiver til å spionere på sin egen far

Los Angeles Times avslører at David Miscavige, Scientologikirkens leder, angivelig skal ha hyret etterforskere til å følge etter sin egen far: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-scientology-private-eyes-20150409-story.html

Scientology head’s father was spied on, police report says

David Miscavige became head of the Church of Scientology in 1986. (Pierre-Philippe Marcou / AFP/Getty Images)

For 18 months private detectives tracked every move made by the father of David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, as they eavesdropped, spied on his emails and planted a GPS unit on his car, according to police records.

The church paid the two detectives $10,000 a week through an intermediary, the records indicate, all because Miscavige feared that his father would divulge too much about the organization’s activities.

The episode, detailed in documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, is the latest in a decades-long series of allegations that the church has intimidated, harassed or abused current and former members, at times going to great lengths to dissuade them from discussing their experiences or knowledge of the secretive religion.


Tony Ortega skriver også om politirapporten: http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/08/let-him-die-scientology-leader-david-miscavige-had-private-eyes-watching-his-father-say-police/

‘Let him die’: Scientology leader David Miscavige had private eyes watching his father, say police

Los Angeles Times reporter Kim Christensen landed a bombshell Wednesday night with his story about a police report which shows that Scientology leader David Miscavige paid private investigators $10,000 a week for 18 months to follow his father, Ron Miscavige Sr (pictured).

We broke the news in 2012 that Ron had escaped from Scientology’s International Base after being a musician at the compound for many years. He went to Virginia to live with his son, Ron Jr, before relocating to Wisconsin.

And his son David Miscavige, Scientology’s dictatorial leader, has made sure Ron has been under surveillance to keep an eye on what he might say about Scientology.

On one of the surveillance runs in 2013, however, private investigator Dwayne S. Powell, 43, and his son Daniel, 21, were confronted by West Allis, Wisconsin police, who found that Powell had a small arsenal in his rented SUV: two rifles, four handguns, 2,000 rounds of ammunition and an illegal homemade silencer. He also had a stun gun in the car.

Facing felony charges, Powell decided to spill his guts. He told police that he was keeping tabs on Ron Sr. for Scientology. And at one point, while he was watching Ron in a Walmart parking lot, he saw Ron clutch his chest and bend over. Worried that the 79-year-old man was having a heart attack, he called in to ask what to do.

He told police David Miscavige himself eventually got on the line. “David told him that if it was Ron’s time to die, to let him die and not intervene in any way,” the police report states. (Min utheving.)


UPDATE: We’ve obtained a copy of the court file on Dwayne Powell’s weapons charge regarding his illegal silencer. As the LA Times story indicates, Powell was found with weapons and the silencer when the police responded to a neighborhood complaint about his surveillance work. He was facing a felony, but after cooperating with police and talking about working for Miscavige, his indictment was dropped and he was allowed to enter a pre-trial diversion program. Here’s the relevant court paperwork on that. Scroll to the end for the indictment itself…


Nyheten har fått David Miscaviges niese til å reagere: http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/09/jenna-miscavige-hill-on-her-uncle-spying-on-her-grandfather-the-arrogance-is-astonishing/

Jenna Miscavige Hill on her uncle spying on her grandfather: The arrogance is astonishing

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported the news that spies allegedly hired by Scientology leader David Miscavige to follow his own father, Ron Miscavige Sr., were arrested in 2013 and, facing a felony over an illegal silencer, spilled their guts about their assignment.

Dwayne Scott Powell told West Allis, Wisc. police that at one time, while he and his son were being paid $10,000 a week to follow Ron Sr., the 79-year-old man was in a Walmart parking lot when he clutched his chest like he was having a heart attack. Calling in for instructions, Powell said David Miscavige himself got on the line. “David told him that if it was Ron’s time to die, to let him die and not intervene in any way,” the police report states.

That stunning callousness is lighting up the media, and we thought it would be interesting to hear from David Miscavige’s niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill. In 2013, Jenna wrote an explosive account of her years in the church, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape. Here’s what we said about it at the time: “Behind it all is one rather diminutive man, David Miscavige, who comes off as a meddling, tyrannical, but ultimately cowardly man who Jenna and other ex-Scientologists are determined to expose.”

We asked Jenna, what does she think about this new astonishing story, with her uncle spending so much money to surveil her grandfather, who escaped from Scientology’s secretive International Base in the summer of 2012?

Jenna tells us she knew about the arrest and what was in the police report, but hasn’t talked publicly about it — until now. Here’s what she sent us…


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Mer presse:




http://www.today.com/video/today/57220625 (video)

Mike Rinder om nyheten: http://www.mikerindersblog.org/the-end-of-the-road-for-david-miscavige/



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Dette var det Scientologikirka trengte nå veit jeg, med all den omtalen de allered ehadde fra “Going Clear”!

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Mark Bunker om nyheten:

Litt mer gammekt grums virvles opp igjen i sakens anledning:

Vel verdt en kikk, intervju med Tony Ortega.

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The Young Turks er alltid verdt å ta en titt på:

Ikke nok med det. David mente visst faren trengte nye venner også: http://gawker.com/report-david-miscavige-also-hired-fake-friends-for-his-1697396292

Report: David Miscavige Also Hired Fake Friends for His Suppressive Dad

According to the private investigator allegedly hired to spy on David Miscavige’s elderly father, the petite Scientologist even went so far as to hire fake friends for the suppressive old man.

Via the New York Daily News, Miscavige was apparently motivated by worries that the old man might do something rash after he was kicked out of the church:

Florida gumshoe Dwayne Powell, 42, told Wisconsin cops he also had orders to recruit fake friends for the 70-something church elder who left the secretive religion on bad terms, police documents obtained by the Daily News reveal.

Powell told West Allis Police that his employers wanted the bogus buddies to secretly infiltrate the personal lives of Ronald Miscavige Sr. and his wife Becky to gain their trust and provide intelligence.
Always nice to see a kid go above and beyond to give back to his parents!

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Alltid greit å ha en omtenksom sønn!

Tony Ortega har lagt ut lydopptak av politi-intervjuene med privatdetektivene som spionerte på Ron Miscavige Sr.: http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/20/hear-the-full-police-interview-of-scientology-spy-daniel-powell-about-stalking-ron-miscavige-sr/

AUDIO: Full police interviews of Scientology spies and their stalking of Ron Miscavige Sr.

We’ve been hearing some brief segments of the police interviews of the Scientology spies who were arrested in Wisconsin in 2013. Now, we have the full interrogations of Dwyane and Daniel Powell, who were being paid $10,000 a week to stalk Ron Miscavige Sr by his son, Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Ron escaped from Scientology’s secretive International Base in 2012 and he went to Virginia to stay with his son Ronnie Jr. Then he moved to Wisconsin to be closer to the family of his wife, Becky. He had no idea he was being surveilled so closely by his son’s private eyes.

Then, in 2013, the Powells were stopped by police and they were found to be in possession of an illegal silencer, a PVC tube for a rifle that was part of a considerable arsenal in their vehicle.

With Dwayne facing ten years in prison for the silencer, the Powells spilled their guts about who they were really working for and why. Through an intermediary, they said, they were actually working for David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology, and they were paid to watch Ron.

We’ve now obtained the interview with Daniel and Dwayne, in four parts. Give them a listen and let us know your favorite details.

Here’s Daniel Powell’s interview.


Mike Rinder har gått over til å kalle Miscavige for David “let him die” Miscavige. Grei oppsummering!

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