Legoland i California donerer til en av scientologiorganisasjonens frontgrupper

Legoparken i Carlsbad i California skal visstnok ha donert 10.000 dollar til Youth for Human Rights, en av scientologiorganisasjonens mange frontgrupper, skriver Tony Ortega:

Legoland theme park donates $10,000 to Scientology front on behalf of Jenna Elfman

Our friend and fellow journalist Mark Ebner alerted us last night to a fairly mindblowing statement posted on Twitter on Monday afternoon. The Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, California announced that it is donating $10,000 to the Scientology front group Youth for Human Rights, and in the name of actress Jenna Elfman.

The timing was apparently not an accident. Just minutes before that tweet was posted, Elfman had been the celebrity guest who helped Legoland California turn on the lights of its annual Christmas tree.

Early this morning we fired off an email to Legoland California media relations manager Julie Estrada to confirm the information in the tweet and to solicit an answer to the question, did Legoland have any idea that Youth for Human Rights is a Scientology front?


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