Lekkasje: CoS' planer for KCET-bygningen

CoS kjøpte det Los Angeles-baserte KCET-studioet for noen år siden, og vi har kunnet lese om deres planer for bygget på Tony Ortegas blogg. CoS har nemlig hevdet at først når KCET-renovasjonene er i mål, vil de ha nok audiovisuelt utstyr til (endelig) å kunne spre ordet om scientologi i stor stil.

Renovasjonene ser omsider ut til å være i gang. Tony Ortega melder nå at CoS’ planer for bygningen er lekket i form av en serie 3D-modeller:


Alle er imidlertid ikke like imponert. Mike Rinder, tidligere toppleder i CoS, har følgende å si om oppussingen:

It’s insane for them to be creating more studio space. They have so much space to create CDs and DVDs as it is. They have eight full Avid editing bays at Gold. They have two huge sound stages. And there’s also Mad Hatter. There’s no need for even more. It’s a boondoggle. It’s just a way to create more enthusiasm for donations.

Nok en tom bygning de egentlig ikke har brukt for.

Ideen bak synes å være å få godtroende scientologer til å betale for en full oppussing ++, hvor Miscavige stikker av med minst halve potten. Noen TV-sendinger derfra får vi neppe se med det første.

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Litt som har skjedd siden sist:

Skiltet er oppe:

As Scientology prepares for Saturday’s grand opening, its controversial sign goes up

The Church of Scientology’s new Los Angeles television studios on Sunset Boulevard suddenly became a hive of activity yesterday as preparations got underway for Saturday’s big grand opening. Scientology purchased the old KCET studios in 2011, and has been fundraising ever since to open what it’s calling “Scientology Media Productions,” a complex of TV and radio studios that the church says will help it get its message out.

But one move by the church took locals by surprise. Cranes lifted a sign to the top of the facility’s 15-story antenna yesterday evening, and on local websites residents were buzzing about whether this was the neon sign the church had been told it couldn’t put on the tower.

One of our readers lives in the neighborhood, and he tells us he’s pretty shocked to see the sign go up. Two of the people on his block are on the neighborhood council. “They said that the [church’s] application was rescinded based on advice from the council, but we’re gonna have to find out what really happened,” he says.


Hvem vil dukke opp på åpningen?

Will Scientology’s celebrities heed the call and show up for today’s big media center opening?

[Kelly Preston, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise at the 2013 Super Power grand opening in Florida]

We hope to be hearing from several of our readers who will be on the scene today as Scientology has its latest grand opening, this time in Los Angeles for what is the most unusual and anticipated opening of a Scientology facility in nearly three years.


CoS kan trylle:

It’s a miracle! Scientology put ‘more than 10,000’ people in these 1,000 chairs!


It’s time again for Rod Keller’s Scientology Social Media Review. He’s made a specialty of hunting down the odd and wonderful things Scientologists post to the ‘net. He’s a chronicler who piece by piece builds a highly detailed assessment of what Scientology is doing around the world, and this is what he found for us this week…

Yesterday, the Church of Scientology posted an overhead photo of the chairs it had put out for its grand opening of its new media center in Los Angeles (a cropped version of that photo is shown above). Several of our readers made counts of those chairs, and all came up with an agreement of around 1,000 seats.


Noen kjendiser møtte visst opp:

Hold your horses! We can tell you who were the big celebs at Scientology’s grand opening

Over the last couple of days, we’ve all seen a lot of photographs from the big Scientology grand opening of its new media center in Los Angeles. Some of our readers were snapping photos outside of the event and came up with some revealing looks at all the security the church had in place to keep onlookers away.


Hva skal CoS egentlig med sitt nye leketøy?

Now that Scientology has a TV and radio complex, will it air what Scientology really is?

Now that Saturday’s grand opening in Los Angeles has happened, Scientology is thrilled that it possesses a new state-of-the-art media center with cavernous television studios and piles of expensive equipment.

So what does Scientology leader David Miscavige plan to do with his new toy?


The Young Turks har tatt en liten titt på åpningen av det nye studioet:

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