Mike Rowe, kjent fra CNN, med krass kritikk av CoS' behandling av Spanky Taylor

Spanky Taylor er en av åtte avhoppere som intervjues i Alex Gibneys dokumentar, Going Clear. Hun forteller, blant annet, om sitt opphold i Sea Orgs “fengsel”, “The Rehabilitation Project Force”. Mike Rowe, tidligere vert for Dirty Jobs og nåværende vert for CNNs Somebody’s Gotta Do It, bruker Facebook til å lange ut mot behandlingen av Taylor: http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/06/mike-rowe-uses-facebook-to-rip-scientology-over-the-treatment-of-his-friend-spanky-taylor/

On Sunday night Mike Rowe, the former Dirty Jobs host and current star of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, used his Facebook page to vent over the treatment of Spanky Taylor that’s described in Alex Gibney’s documentary about Scientology, Going Clear. Spanky was one of eight former Church of Scientology members who appeared in the film to talk about how they got into the church but later broke away, and Spanky’s story about being assigned to the Sea Org’s prison detail and having to save her young child from a filthy group nursery is one of the most shocking parts of the movie.

“Going Clear made me angry,” Rowe wrote after explaining that he employed Spanky and knew her story, but was still stunned by what he saw in the movie. “And if you’re offended by bullies and opportunists who take advantage of people at their most vulnerable, and an IRS that seems both craven and manipulable, it’ll make you angry too.”

As we explained in a piece about Spanky that appeared a few days before Going Clear first aired on HBO on March 29, she has spent decades working with famous clients, helping them manage their interactions with fans. But she never discloses who her clients are, and we didn’t know she’s done work for Rowe.

Rowe explained that he’s already familiar with what she’d been through, but what infuriated him about the movie was the way it portrayed Scientology bullying the IRS into giving it tax exempt status in 1993, which has enabled the church to amass billions in the years since, tax-free.

“Maybe I’m still a little cranky from the check I just wrote to Uncle Sam,” Rowe said as he made it clear that he doesn’t care what people believe, but that Scientology’s habit of bullying and manipulating people is hard to reconcile with its status as a tax-exempt church. “But mostly, Going Clear made me very proud of my friend, and others like her. It’s a hell of a thing to realize everything you believe is not what you thought it was. And it’s even harder to confess your mistakes to the world and start over. Paul Haggis, a talented and successful screenwriter comes forward, along with a handful of former members and church officials who endured the kind of threats and intimidation that would keep most people silent. Their courage is impressive.”

We called Spanky, who had no idea that Rowe had posted the statement.

“I was really surprised to see this, and grateful to see that he took a position,” she told us. “But it concerns me, because I don’t want him to become a target of the organization. I appreciate that he took time to see the film and was so moved by it. And I agree with him, I think people should sign a petition to take away Scientology’s tax exempt status, and talk to their elected representatives.”

Take a look at his entire statement…