Nancy Cartwright og scientologiorganisasjonen

De fleste her vet nok at Nancy Cartwright, stemmen til Bart Simpson, er ihugga scientolog. Tidvis forsvarer hun også organisasjonen i TV-intervjuer. Hva synes hun om Lawrence Wrights bok Going Clear, og Alex Gibneys film med samme navn?

Nancy Cartwright’s ‘defense’ of Scientology is the saddest thing ever

You may have seen the short clip put out yesterday by the Associated Press which features voice actress Nancy Cartwright — who plays Bart on The Simpsons — talking about her unhappiness with Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book Going Clear and the 2015 documentary that filmmaker Alex Gibney made from it.


Dude, it’s like you gotta be kidding me. It was such a lie. That book and that movie, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s called prejudice. It’s like, very irresponsible reporting. You know, anybody wants to find out about it you should find out about it for yourself. It’s called integrity. And, look at me. Look at who I am, seriously. Look what it is that I am doing. You can’t knock me for what it is that I’m doing. I am helping.

There’s a whole administrative technology that has nothing to do with religion it’s just how to run a business. And, it’s crucial. I’m quite trained as a businessperson.

Shame on them, anyway. And the truth is, find out for yourself. Go to, or and find out for yourself what it is about.


Nancy’s lazy attack on the film (disclosure: we’re in it) doesn’t have us feeling that it needs much defending. But we will make just a couple of points. One of the best things about the film that Gibney and Wright put together is that it’s not just a collection of complaints by former church members, even though that’s what Scientology wants you to believe. What makes the film so powerful, in fact, is that Gibney and Wright worked so hard to pull together amazing footage and documents that come from the church itself.


Cartwright følger kort og greit standard prosedyre. Forsvaret er som sakset ut av håndboka: “Years ago, NBC actor Jason Beghe told us that the church’s VIPs are specifically trained to handle the press this way. Never to talk about the specifics of Scientology processes, for example (that’s “verbal tech”), and always to say that an outsider should buy a copy of Dianetics and “find out for yourself.””


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Kostet litt, det diplomet der. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

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Litt pussig at hun fortsatt bruker briller?

Men det kan jo være at hun ikke har lest dianetikk-boka?

Eventuelt så hjernevasket at hun ikke klarer å innse det absurde!?

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Lurer på hva slike OT8-scientologer tenker når de får influensa, må ha lesebriller, havner i bilulykker o.l.

(Sikkert at noen i umiddelbar omgangskrets sender “dårlige vibber”…)