Nytt søksmål mot scientologiorganisasjonen

Verdt å få med seg: “Jane Doe” saksøker scientologiorganiasjonen.

Ortega har en grei oppsummering av saken:

In the case of the Jane Doe lawsuit, as explosive as it is, we’ve actually seen most of these allegations in other recent court actions involving Scientology, some of which have not succeeded.

In particular, the Jane Doe lawsuit reminds us of lawsuits filed against Scientology and/or David Miscavige by Laura DeCrescenzo (2009), Marc and Claire Headley (2009), Luis and Rocio Garcia (2013), and Monique Rathbun (2013). And that’s helpful, because what happened with those lawsuits can help us predict how Scientology is likely to proceed with these new actions.

First, let’s review what’s really interesting and unique about this lawsuit. The eight named attorneys on the complaint include a former Cosby prosecutor (M. Stewart Ryan) as well as other former prosecutors who specialized in child abuse and other sexual abuse claims. It also includes constitutional scholar Marci Hamilton of the University of Pennsylvania, a nationally-known advocate for survivors of child abuse.

This is a formidable legal team, and they have not only promised numerous additional lawsuits still to come, but they are prepared for an extended fight. Speaking about Scientology’s history of abuse, attorney Brian Kent told NBC, “This is just the beginning, and we are not going to stop until they do.”

As for the plaintiff in this first suit, the legal team made the decision to shield her identity and refer to her as Jane Doe: “Plaintiff, Jane Doe, is an adult female whose name and address are not contained in this Complaint so as to protect her privacy and identity as she incurred injuries and damages of a sensitive nature as a result of the negligent and intentional acts of Defendants outlined below,” the complaint reads. “Information which could identify Jane Doe is not contained herein.”

But then the complaint does just that, providing more than enough information that clearly identifies the plaintiff as Valerie Haney, Leah Remini’s assistant who appeared on the A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath as the focus of the third season’s premiere episode in November. (Her name even appears in a footnote on page 22 of the complaint.) Because Haney made such a public appearance on a nationally-televised broadcast about her daring escape in the back of a car from Int Base, and because this lawsuit is not alleging that she is a victim of sexual assault, we have made the decision that we are not going to pretend that we don’t know the identity of Jane Doe.

Mer her: https://tonyortega.org/2019/06/22/how-scientology-is-likely-to-come-back-at-the-explosive-new-lawsuits/

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Enda et søksmål i kjølvannet av “Jane Doe”:


[Bobette Riales, left, Chrissie Carnell with her husband, rocker Cedric Bixler Zavala]

The second big lawsuit from a powerful legal team assembled to take on the Church of Scientology has been filed, following up on the “Jane Doe” lawsuit in June that named the church and its leader David Miscavige defendants.