Podcast og artikkel om byen East Grinstead og Saint Hill Manor

Flere kjenner nok til Saint Hill Manor, den britiske armen av scientologiorganisasjonens hovedsete siden 1959.

Nick Hilton, som vokste opp i Grinstead, har laget en podcast om byens mindre kjente sider:

He still remembers the first time word of East Grinstead’s underground activities reached his ears.

Nick said: “I think the earliest whisperings I heard about East Grinstead were when I was playing rugby, as a boy, at the club which is right next to Saint Hill Manor, the home of the Scientologists.

“It was just offhand comments, the way you’d talk about very eccentric neighbours.

“But it’s led to a lifetime of curiosity about what was going on in there, behind those immaculate maintained gates.”

En artikkel om podcasten:

Og her er selve podcasten:

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