Sak droppet: seksuelle overgrep mot barn i Clearwater Academy

Fra Tony Ortega:

"She told the police the same allegations she would also make in a civil lawsuit, which we have reported on: That as a kindegartner at Clearwater Academy, a Scientology school, she and other girls were made to undress by a gym teacher who had them touch each other sexually and then masturbated on them.

She also alleged being abused as an 11-year-old in Venezuela as an employee of Scientology. And she said that when she was 14, her parents signed her over to a guardian so she could join the Sea Org, and that guardian, a woman, coerced her into a sexual relationship.

One of the times the gym teacher was abusing her, Jane Doe said, she ran from him and broke her arm trying to burst through the gym doors. When she told her mother about the incident, her mother responded with Scientology jargon…"

Clearwater Police release reports from closed Scientology child sex abuse investigation

The Clearwater Police department has released its investigative reports about the “Jane Doe” allegations of sexual abuse as a kindergartner at Clearwater Academy and later, as an employee of the church, and it provides a depressing look into how difficult it can be for a law enforcement agency to probe the Church of Scientology.

Fysj. Det er nok en del rusk i systemet der gitt. Kanskje denne type saker kan få andre ofre til å snakke ut. De har tilsynelatende interne regler og rutiner for å feie ALT under teppet og se den andre veien. Oppfølgingen etterpå? Hvem vet. Sec checks?
Finalen i Reminis serie hadde flere vitnesbyrd fra avhoppere om trakassering ol. og det var disgusting!!

Trist alt bare koker bort i kålen etterforskningsmessig. :confused: