Saturday Night Live med CoS-parodi

Synes dette fortjener sin egen tråd: I kjølvannet av HBO-dokumentaren, Going Clear, har Saturday Night Live laget en treffende parodi på de typiske CoS-videoene fra 80- og 90-tallet:

A very happy Easter to our readers, whether you celebrate the holiday or not. In case you missed the excitement last night, Saturday Night Live aired a pitch-perfect parody of Scientology’s 1990 video “We Stand Tall” which was featured prominently in Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear.

Gibney’s film aired on HBO Sunday night and has been repeating since then, but the amount of work that went into SNL’s spoof suggests that this has been in the works for weeks — either since Going Clear‘s theatrical run began on March 13 or perhaps as far back as when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

There are so many amazing little Easter eggs in this thing, and we’re doing our best to unpack it. But of course, we know our eagle-eyed readers are going to spot some things that we’ve missed. Here, give it a close look…


Notice how they not only renamed Dianetics, but the triangle is diametrically opposed to the usual thing! Oh, we crack ourselves up.

The lighting, the costumes, the postures, the non-HD film effect: So much went into this thing to capture the feeling in the original video — including the fake enthusiasm of actors pretending to be Scientologists actually having fun!

A fun bit of background — in 1990, when “We Stand Tall” was made, Scientology was pretty much at its height. Marty Rathbun has told us that peak membership occurred around 1991, and it’s all been downhill since then.

We only wish Scientology book covers were this honest! And how about that book in the distance. Is that title “Ignoring the Brain”?


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Buzzfeed har en del hendige animgifer fra parodien:

It was basically a direct remake of the 1990 “We Stand Tall” Scientology music video.