Scientolog om sine nye superkrefter

Tony Ortega har lagt ut en fin “anmeldelse” av CoS’ Super Power Rundown:

Secrets of Scientology ‘Super Power’: The best testimonial we’ve seen yet


Nearly nine years ago, we first spilled major secrets from Scientology’s giant “Super Power Building.”

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Et lite utdrag:

The False Data Rundown was my favorite rundown. I already maxed my wins and I did not need no more but when I got the first auditing command I was absolutely sure it was written especially for me. I asked the auditor and he said “No, it is the Super Power Rundown.” This was a total theta bath. It turned me into the washing machine as synthetic fabric and pull me out as silk. I was not aware to the degree I was introverted to my body and the degree I was out of valence in relation to my body. This rundown completely flipped my position in relation to my body. It was also a major De-PTS action as I discovered that the body is just a tool for the SPs to cave me in. Just an evil “deal” we were conned into so that they can keep us with the leash and minimized forever!

During this rundown I was able to confront bodies, life and death and was able to extrovert from this body’s situation. In this rundown I also saw errors and incorrect actions in my life I was not able to confront the correct sequence of actions. If something will take too long I would just skip it. In this rundown I thoroughly examined my goals and power terminals in my life. This rundown helped me further to confront theta and entheta in my life, bad actions and good actions, on-purpose and off-purpose, and again confronting both sides is the only way to freedom. Here I got a better concept of aligning the vectors and the ability to put it into action. This rundown takes your stupidities and throws them in the trash.