Scientologiorganisasjonen og Korona

Samler litt saker om hvordan organisasjonen håndterer det som skjer akkurat nå:

Scientology continues to see the pandemic as a public relations opportunity


Scientology’s desperate response to pandemic is to let us see just how creepy it really is


With Scientology largely shut down by the pandemic, the few remaining members reminisce

[Ah, back in the day…]

We’ve been telling you for years that Scientology is in trouble. From a height of about 100,000 active members around the year 1990 (Scientology has never had the “millions” it’s always claimed), that number has steadily decreased until our most recent estimate from a recent high-ranking defector is fewer than 20,000 members around the world.

In the pandemic epicenter, Scientology’s New York Org puts on a fab virtual ‘Sunday Service’


We want to thank the tipster who sent us a link to this fabulous video put out by Scientology’s New York ‘Ideal Org.’ It’s pretty much everything we needed in this moment.

Scientology million-dollar donor on COVID-19: ‘Healthy people don’t get sick’


For years we’ve kept tabs on Jim Mathers, a particularly high-energy Scientology gladhander, OT 8 parishioner, Gold Meritorious donor ($1 million) and all around globetrotting ambassador for Hubbardism.

Scientology, stop being so stupid during the pandemic. We have some advice for you.


Scientologists are convinced that they can rescue the planet from deadly pandemic


We often say that what Scientology offers which appeals to the small percentage of people who become involved in it is this: Certainty.

Scientology’s global virus playacting was supplied by giant California slave labor plant


For months now we’ve been getting reports from readers on several different continents that Scientologists have been out in their neighborhoods, clad in PPE and looking like government or medical officials, and are handing out booklets about the coronavirus while wearing masks and gloves and other protection.

Leah Remini er ei ufyselig kvinne som selv må slutte å tjene penger på Scientologi og “offer” rollen hun påtar seg før hun kommenterer andre.

Det er godt mulig Leah Remini er ufyselig, men det er strengt talt ikke noen unskyldning for hva Scientologikirken holder på med.

Som logisk konstruksjon kalles det “whataboutism”, eller “blame the messenger”, ingen av dem regnes som gyldige argumenter.


Ikke alle er like overbevist om at en bør holde skoler stengt i junaiten. Million-donoren Jim Mathers mener en holder seg frisk og immun med vitaminer.

“If you’re worried about the coronavirus here’s the truth: healthy people don’t get sick. For the past 7-8 years, I’ve been taking #nuskin vitamins and not only do I feel and look younger and healthier, I never get sick.” Kilde.

Og på Facebook la han ut et Hubbard-sitat som argument for å gjenåpne skoler. Et lite utdrag:

"A child could be guaranteed an utter failure of his endocrine system, if he were trained thoroughly to avoid all impacts. If he were trained thoroughly to avoid germs, to avoid illness, to avoid conditions which are described as highly detrimental to him, he will then be made to close terminals with those conditions. Why? Because he is cutting communication, cutting communication, cutting communication, cutting communication. You see that? He’s saying, ‘I mustn’t communicate with, I mustn’t communicate with,’ which is to say, ‘I have no control over, I have no control over, I have no control over.’

Now, just as soon as he learns thoroughly that he mustn’t go into contact or communication with impact, with germs, with this, with that, he just gets, as a thetan, smaller and smaller, withdraws more and more, is less and less alert, is less and less in communication with things and finally will be unable to heal any part of his body."

Jepp, å kutte kommunikasjon med virus er jo en skrekkelig dårlig idé … not.