Scientologiorganisasjonen og Pokémon Go

Ser ut til at folk finner pokémons utenfor scientologibygninger også nå:

Why We Protest har en egen tråd: Pokemon Go vs Scientology?

I don’t play Pokemon Go, don’t want to, but there might be some lulz-mining opportunities in the viral moment.

I know that Pokemon Go has tagged Scientology Orgs as locations of some kind in their augmented reality. For some reason, they tend to tag churches of all sorts:

Westboro Baptist Church in an epic battle for a Pokémon Go gym

The bigots used ‘return to the Dark Ages.’ It wasn’t very effective.

The Westboro Baptist Church is currently locked in an epic battle for control of a Pokémon Go gym—the group’s headquarters.

Pokémon Go, the massively popular, GPS-enabled augmented reality game, which sends players out into the real wold to collect “pocket monsters” and release them into combat against other players’ monsters, is largely centered around gyms—locations where players battle for control and the attendant bragging rights that come with it. Game locations range from a public park in your neighborhood to cemeteries to strip clubs to, um, the 9/11 Memorial Pool at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

The Westboro Baptist Church building in Topeka, Kansas, is one of those locations. Like everything else about the controversial religious group—infamous for staging protests against same-sex marriage during events like the funerals of soldiers and celebrities—Nintendo’s selection of the church has inspired conflict.

At first, a Pokémon trainer going by the handle Pinknose took control of the gym using a Clefairy named ‘LoveIsLove’ after the slogan promoting same-sex marriage.

The church viewed this virtual takeover of their virtual home base as a virtual challenge and mounted a virtual campaign to virtually reclaim what was rightfully—well, virtually—theirs.

I don’t know if that was such a good idea against attention-whores like WBC.

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