Tiden da Hubbard fremdeles opplevde gjennombrudd

Hubbard styrte faktisk scientologiorganisasjonen fra sjøen i perioden 1967 til 1975, om bord på skipet Apollo. I denne perioden skrev Hubbard en lang rekke “Orders of the Day” (OOD), dagsordre eller korte instruksjonsbeskrivelser, til mannskapet sitt. The Village Voice, avisa Tony Ortega var redaktør for tidligere, trykket opp sitater fra disse ordrene: Hver uke kunne man lese hva som foregikk samme uka om bord på Apollo for noen tiår siden.

Ortega tok nylig opp tradisjonen igjen på bloggen sin, og publiserte en interessant dagsordre, hvor vi kan lese om Hubbards gjennombrudd med OT-nivåene VII og VIII:


Hey, I just made a couple wild breakthroughs on VII and VIII on the 31 Jan 69 and 1 Feb 69.

I had VII but suddenly got its “end phenomena” and now have the end phenomena of VIII in full view and working up toward it.

It has taken nearly a year to do these, a year filled with a lot of other things. I keep up my research schedule in spite of it all.

Someday somebody is going to ask why I didn’t keep more extensive records. I’ll tell them it was a miracle to get it done at all.

I realize all Scn should be re-codified and reissued to make it easier to study. And I could have done it if the howling baboons in the “humanities” hadn’t required so much taming.

VII and VIII will be all written up and released when we have SMERSH out of the way and the planet cooled off. So give a heavier hand on these vital actions.

I’ve still got a lot of research and codification to do. If the SO and orgs would take the enemy wholly off my plate and handle him, I could get it done.

LRH, Commodore

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