Tidligere scientolog dømt til 90 dager i fengsel

Snublet over denne saken. Fiona O’Leary, en autisme-talsperson/-forkjemper, ble skjelt ut av en ansatt ved Scientologikirken. Hun hadde visst ringt dem ang. deres syn på autisme. Scientologen, Nathan Moore, er nå visstnok ikke lenger medlem av organisasjonen.

Nathan Moore with an address at Allenton Park, Tallaght, Dublin, who is now 24-years-old was convicted and sentenced to 90 days in prison following his conviction for abusive and threatening behaviour towards Ms O’Leary, from Drimoleague, during a phone call which she had recorded in December 2017.

During the phone call Nathan Moore, having identified himself, called Ms O’Leary a ‘spastic geebag’ following a call she made inquiring about the Church of Scientology’s claims in relation to the treatment of autism.

The case was then appealed to the Circuit Court where Judge Helen Boyle heard that Moore had also threatened to ‘box her [Fiona O’Leary] up and down.’

He has since left the Church of Scientology and no longer works there.