Tom Cruises nye flamme kliss lik Katie Holmes?

Det skal, etter sigende, være en ny kvinne i Tom Cruises liv: produksjonsassistenten Emily (22). De møttes under innspillingen av Mena (2017):

Tom Cruise’s New GF is Basically Katie Holmes’s Twin

Well this is creepy.

It looks like there’s a new lady in Tom Cruise’s life and she bears a striking resemblance to his old lady, Katie Holmes. Okay, not old in that sense, though his alleged girlfriend, Emily is only 22.

Rumor has it that Tom and Emily, his production assistant, have been getting cozy ever since he started filming the drug-runner drama, Mena, in Georgia Star reported.

“They’ve got undeniable chemistry,” a Georgia local told the magazine.

“Everyone in town has noticed it. Tom and Emily leave toward the end of filming, like they want to be alone. He definitely trusts her. He only leaves her side long enough to shoot a scene and then he’s right back.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this budding relationship. In November, UsWeekly claimed Tom was crushing on her.


Det er visst flere som er på audition:

Tom Cruise & Lola Kirke: Will He Marry For The 4th Time?

While they say 3 times the charm, could the 4th time be the lucky number to make a Tom Cruise marriage work? Rumors are running wild that Tom has fallen for actress Lola Kirke on the set of their CIA thriller, ‘Mena’.
Is the actor ready to settle down again with another lucky lady? While it’s already been three years since Tom Cruise, 52, and Katie Holmes, 36, officially divorced, it looks like a possible romance is heating up between Tom and Lola Kirke, 24 according to a new report. We have ALL the details for you!

“Something about the fresh faced, bohemian actress has really turned him on,” a friend of Tom’s tells InTouch magazine. “He’s already sizing her up to be wife No. 4.” Tom and Lola are down in Atlanta where they are filming Mena together. The two have been working together for several weeks now and have allegedly grown pretty close during this time. But Tom isn’t just friendly with the actress, he’s actually in “hot pursuit of Lola” according to the report.Oh-la-la! It doesn’t seem like Tom’s hiding his affection either. During their time on set, the two have been spotted getting their flirt on. “One day, he walked up behind her and was caressing her back,” says a set witness tells the mag. “She turned around with a big smile, and they had a long conversation before Tom went back to work. They definitely seemed flirtatious. She’s told others on the production how handsome and ingratiating she finds Tom. It’s obvious she’s not immune to his superstar charms.”


Skal vi se, to forskjellige damer på samme settet er vistnok Cruises framtidige kone? Dette likter at PR-avdelingen hans har vært ute og spredt rykter. Det er nok viktig for dem at han ikke frmastår som den “slagne mannen” han er.

I følge bladene er den ene 22 og den andre 24. Gamlefar Cruise er 52. Noen fler enn meg som ser at dette nødvendigvis er sprøyt?

Selvsagt er det sprøyt. :wink: Tenkte bare vi trengte litt sladder (med tanke på Google og søkeord).

En eventuell ny flamme må uansett, hvis tidligere avsløringer stemmer, gjennom en ganske rigorøs “screening”-prosess av CoS. Men de jobber nok med noe, kan jeg tenke meg.

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