Tony Ortega på podcasten "Hard to believe"

Tony Ortega prater om konsekvensene av å være offentlig kritiker av cos.
“It’s an occupational hazard, telling the truth abous cos.”
Ved ca. 3:30 forklarer han konsekvensene.

Podcastens episodebeskrivelse:
“Since 1995, journalist Tony Ortega has spilled more ink than perhaps any living person on the topic of the Church of Scientology. He joins us this week to discuss Scientology’s past, present, and - now mired in even more scandals than usual - uncertain future. He also explains the whole “Lord Xenu” thing. As a bonus, Mike Manzi, fresh off the conclusion of #CruiseClub, takes a seat in the HtB co-host chair for the first time!”

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