Trenger du å friske opp superkreftene dine?

Trenger du å friske opp superkreftene dine? Frykt ikke! Scientologiorganisasjonen har en (smådyr) løsning, skriver Tony Ortega:

Need a boost to your superpowers? Scientology has a (pricey) solution for that!

Thanks to Rasha, we have the new Source magazine from Scientology’s Flag Land Base, and it has some fun items to help you expand your space and your havingness!

These publications put out by the church which encourage Scientologists to travel to Clearwater, Florida and spend serious money are a lot of fun. And in this issue, we were intrigued to see they were featuring the L Rundowns — L10, L11, and L12.

We have a special fascination for the Ls, a set of three auditing processes that are only available at the Flag base and which stand somewhat apart from the grade chart that Scientologists follow up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Three years ago, as part of our project to learn about each of the courses and levels that Scientologists experience, we spent some time talking about the Ls with former church executive Jefferson Hawkins.

Here’s an excerpt of that story, with some examples of what you actually pay for in L10, the first of the three L Rundowns…