Tucker Carlson sammenligner Michelle Obama med L. Ron Hubbard

Liksom-antielitisten og mangemillionæren (!) Tucker Carlson langet ut mot Michelle Obama etter hennes tale under demokratenes landsmøte:

https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/tucker-carlson-compares-michelle-obama-scientology-founder-l-ron-hubbard-073217107.html (Trykk på lenka for video.)

Tucker Carlson compares Michelle Obama to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Stephen Proctor

August 19, 2020

One night after Michelle Obama gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention that garnered resounding praise from the media, including from many on Fox News, on Tucker Carlson Tonight , Carlson compared the former First Lady to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and strongly implied that Democrats are her followers.

“You probably still think of the Left as secular, but not anymore. They are fervent religious fanatics,” Carlson said. “Michelle Obama is their L. Ron Hubbard. Everything she does is good by definition. She’s the most beautiful, the smartest, the wisest. If Michelle Obama played golf, she would shoot an 18 everytime.”

A few minutes earlier, Carlson mockingly lamented Obama’s widespread high regard.

“Now we don’t want to be too harsh about this, we’re not lawyers,” Carlson said, “but we understand the constitutional limits of the first amendment in this country as now defined: No shouting fire in a crowded theater. No criticizing Michelle Obama.”