Ugreit å være Scientologikirken i Russland



Jeg bet meg forøvrig merke i et par andre ting. Merk at kulten også her ser ut til å gå etter de lavtutdannede nyrike. De er vel på jakt etter “hvaler”.


Ja, det er vel strengt tatt disse hvalene som står for mesteparten av pengestrømmen i disse dager? Samt sleip bruk av frontgrupper o.l.



Den føderale sikkerhetsbyrået i Russland (FSB) raidet igjen hovedkontorene til Scoentologikirken i St. Petersburg og Moskva på torsdag 16. juni, og har anlagt sak mot organisasjonen. 14 adresser ble raidet og ti personer ble arrestert i operasjonene. I følge FSBs lokale leder i Nevsky-distriktet, har lokelbefolkningen klaget over Scientologikirken. I følge myndighetene driver organisasjonen mer som et kommersielt selskap enn som en religiøs organisasjon, og hvis dette er riktig de pådra seg en utrivelig restskatt.

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Tony Ortega har også litt om saken: If it’s Russia, it must be a raid on Scientology


Penger og våpen beslaglagt i raid mot Scientologikirken

Aksjonen 16. juni avdekket kontanter, våpen og ulovlig avlyttingsutstyr gjemt oppunder none takplater under et raid mot en bank tilknyttet Scientologikirken tidligere denne måneden. Litt av fangsten:


Pistol og falsk våpenlisens:

Omkring 16 millioner rubel (omkring 2 millioner kroner):

Avlyttingsutstyr (slikt utstyr er ulovlig for sivile i Russland):

…og i tilfelle noen lurte på om dette stedet virkelig har noe med Scientologikirken å gjøre:

Oversettelse av artikkel (fra WWP):

FSB searched PIR Bank in Scientology case

by Marina Davydova
June 24, 2016

According to investigators, Vitaly Paskal, Chairman of the Board of PIR Bank (Bank of industrial and investment settlements) is the main sponsor of the Church of Scientology in Russia, and the bank was founded specifically to meet the religious organization’s needs. has learned that 16 million rubles were confiscated at the bank’s premises - money not placed in special storage, but hidden in the ceiling of Vitaly Paskal’s office. The seized banknotes were not registered in the bank’s accounts.

A TT pistol and various sporting guns were also found, all of which will be analyzed. A criminal case for possession of weapons is under consideration.

A law enforcement source disclosed that "hidden surveillance cameras and audio-recording devices whose installation is prohibited by Russian law were found in Vitaly Paskal’s office. Weapons and a counterfeit weapons carrying permit were also discovered. The seized electronic media were found to contain business secrets, information about financial transactions related to construction companies.

A letter of gratitude from the Church of Scientology for Vitaly Paskal’s help and contribution to the organization’s development was found on the wall of his office at the bank he heads.

Vitaly Paskal’s office also shows that he is a fan of the Spartak soccer club. Club memorabilia is displayed everywhere. The banker and his partner also love motorcycles. Two rare bikes stand right inside his office.

In addition to PIR Bank, searches were conducted at 14 locations, 3 church buildings and 11 addresses of executives and Scientology sponsors. These investigative actions are based on article 171.2 of the criminal code, which concerns illegal business activities, and also on charges of invasion of privacy through the use of monitoring devices.

The impact on banker Vitaly Paskal’s legal status has not been determined. Moreover, immediately after the searches, he complained to the police about the disappearance of 90 million rubles. ФСБ обыскала ПИР Банк по делу сайентологов




En intern video, hvor Scientologikirken forklarer hva politiraidene i Russland egentlig innebærer og hvordan man skal takle dem, har lekket. Tony Ortega og Rod Keller diskuterer og beskriver hva vi ser i videoen:

VIDEO: A look inside Scientology’s program to rally Russian members after police raids

On Sundays, Rod Keller stops by to bring us a collection of things Scientologists have shared during the week on social media. After avoiding the Internet for many years, Scientologists now share things freely online. And this week, Rod found something really special.

It’s an hour long video from Russia, where Scientology has been going through a very tough time. The Moscow org has been raided multiple times by police forces in the last couple of years, and that’s bad news for Scientology leader David Miscavige, who relies on Russia for cheap labor at his facilities like the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. So what does Miscavige do to counter what’s going on in Russia? Rod, give us a description of what we see in this video.

Rod: This is a briefing given this week by Lynn Irons at the Moscow Ideal Org, with translation by Sea Org member Vladimir Kuropyatnik. Kuropyatnik has been quoted in Russian newspapers as the “founder” of the Moscow org, which may mean he is the HCO Exec Secretary. The briefing addresses public (i.e., non-staff) members at the org in the wake of the June raids by the Federal Security Service in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russian officials seized documents that may indicate Scientology is violating a prohibition on their activities handed down by a Moscow City Court late last year.

Irons joined Scientology in 1973 in the San Francisco area at the Davis Mission. He later was the Mission Holder at the San Francisco Mission prior to the 1982 Mission Holder’s Conference in which missions were taken back from their owners by Scientology. Many members left the church at that time, but Irons became involved in WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) and today is one of the leaders of Business Forward, one of the largest WISE consultant groups in countries with Russian speaking populations. After working as ED in Tampa for several years, in 2011 Irons became the Executive Director of the Tampa Ideal Org.

In 1992 he, along with the late Geoff Barton and former GO executive Arte Maren, became “pioneers” to bring Scientology to Russia. “Pioneer” is a Scientology term of art to describe the first to travel to a particular country to set up groups or missions.

The video has four main sections. First, he establishes his bona fides in Scientology and in disseminating in Russia. Then he discusses recent events in Russia and says not to worry because Scientology always wins. He then compares the situation in Russia to the flap in Clearwater over the 2009 publication of “The Truth Rundown” in the St. Petersburg Times, and finally he describes the power of postulates in which anything is possible, from shrinking your feet to re-growing hair, to having Scientology continue to spread throughout Russia.



Litt mer nytt fra Russland. Nå har to ansatte fra Scientologikirkens St. Petersburg-avdeling blitt varetektsfengslet: