VICE besøker CoS-bygg i Los Angeles

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, fra VICE, besøker forskjellige CoS-bygg i Los Angeles:

There used to be a lot of mystery surrounding Scientology.

But now, on the verge of the release of two major documentaries about the church (Louis Theroux’s Stairway to Heaven and Alex Gibney’s Going Clear), little of that mystery remains. It was chipped away over the years, by blogs and message boards, South Park episodes, and tell-all books.

Which is why it’s odd to me that, as a resident of Los Angeles, the Scientology Capital of the World, I know nothing about what’s happening in the many Scientology-owned properties around my city. And when I say many, I mean many. A quick poke around online suggests there are at least 30 Los Angeles-based buildings that are owned by the church or the various organizations they’ve set up to do their bidding.

I decided to explore as many of Scientology’s properties in the city that are open to the public as I could (with the exception of the standard Scientology centers that every city has, because I refuse to believe there is a single person reading this who hasn’t gotten drunk, stumbled into one, then giggled their way through a " personality test").