Vil David Miscavige slippe nye OT-nivåer?

Tony Ortega har en interessant artikkel på bloggen sin om muligheten for nye OT-nivåer.

Etter man har oppnådd den spirituelle tilstanden “clear”, hvor man er kvitt alle “engrammer”, spesielle typer mentale inntrykksbilder som kan gi en traumer og negative følelser, kan man ta fatt på de såkalte OT-nivåene (av “Operating Thetan”). Foreløpig eksisterer åtte slike nivåer, men det skal ha blitt hintet til flere nivåer i lang tid.

Is David Miscavige really planning to extend Scientology’s ‘Bridge’?

We don’t always see the newest issue of the Freewinds, a Scientology publication that gets passed around a little less often than Impact or Celebrity or International Scientology News.

But a new edition made its way to us, and it contained a story we thought you’d want to hear about. We’d been hearing some things about New Jersey dentist Louis Feldman. He’s an OT 8, the highest level of spiritual achievement that a Scientologist can attain. And he penned an article in Freewinds about how he’s gone back down to the bottom end of the Bridge to do low-level courses like the Student Hat, a basic introduction to learning.

Why? Well, Louis says he’s getting ready for the next great Scientology advance, the release of levels OT 9 and OT 10. He’s also reportedly been telling people that he’s been given the role as ambassador specifically to prepare people for the release of the new levels. We wanted to ask him about that, but the number at his dentist’s office asked us to enter a code to access a voice mail system. Odd.

We’ve been hearing for years about OT 9 and 10. The story Scientology leader David Miscavige wants followers to believe is that L. Ron Hubbard had planned to reveal new material up to OT 15 at some point, but that the world simply wasn’t ready for anything above OT 8 until certain prerequisites were met. It’s one of the many things that Scientologists continually hear in order to convince them to keep giving money and keep doing prerequisites — some day, OT 9 and 10 will be released, but only when they’ve done enough to deserve it.


Siste nytt: CoS slipper muligens OT IX- og OT X-nivåene før året er omme!

Ifølge Tony Ortega kan det se ut til at organisasjonen slipper nye nivåer innen seks uker:

According to a Facebook posting, on Friday night at the Advanced Org of Los Angeles (AOLA), an announcement was made that OT 9 and 10 will be released by the end of the year (which is just six weeks away) at the Freewinds, and that the first 500 people have already signed up. Oh my. har følgende spekulasjoner rundt innholdet i nivåene (merk: dette er rimelig gamle spekulasjoner):

OT IX, (Orders of Magnitude). Prerequisites imply more implant material on this level. The word “orders” may merely suggest levels or may possibly indicate commands for the OT to perform as a Scientologist. - Jonathon Barbera.
OT X, (Character). Rumors have suggested that this level produces whole track recall. - Jonathon Barbera.

Meldte deg på OT IX og X, @Dudek. Du får faktura i posten.

Da får jeg både Get, NRK og den i posten nesten samtidig. Det makter jeg ikke økonomisk, Steed!

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Nye nivåer? Det tror jeg når jeg ser det.

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Enig der. Men hvis det er et tidspunkt som kunne passe, så må det være nå. Både som en “distraksjon”, og som ny “pengekilde”.

Det er vel ikke umulig at Miscavige stabler om på OT7 og 8 og deler dem opp i fire i stedet for to nivåer. Det har han gjort før, da Hubbards originale OT8 bare ledet til fnising og dårlig PR.

Sant nok. Det er ikke utenkelig at det skjer noe med nivåene, i alle fall. Omstokking, ny inndeling eller “revisjoner”. Noe slikt.

Vi får se, det er jo uansett ikke mange ukene å vente, hehe.

Analyse av Mike Rinder:

Rinders analyse er bra, men kommentarfeltet er plaget av mye indi-scientologer. Trist å se (presumtivt) voksne mennesker gå på Hubbards tøv i disse dager.

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John P. fra Underground Bunker sin analyse av hvorfor David Miscavige ikke har slippet OT9 og 10 enda:

Miscavige knows that his hold on the “throne” of Scientology is most strongly rooted in political means. (…) On this avenue of retaining power among the faithful, Miscavige holds all the cards – over $1.5 billion in cash to fund a near-infinite list of dirty tricks and litigation and the control over true believers’ “eternity” through the mechanism of disconnection.

But when it comes to actually delivering “product,” Miscavige is weak and his opponents are strong. There are so many former auditors and ex-Gold Base personnel who can say authoritatively that there were no LRH notes on any higher levels. (…)

There are so many still-in-the-cult experts in the “tech,” such as auditors, who have spent literally years studying the minutiae of Hubbard’s “products” that they would instantly be able to tell that the writing style and the subtle details of how things worked wasn’t Hubbard’s work that they would know something was off, even if they weren’t sure exactly what it was. Eventually, that realization would blossom into the full-fledged realization that it was all made up, and they’d leave. And auditors and “tech experts” would have the ears of many older long-time members and would have the credibility to tell them it’s all a sham. And that would have a snowball effect on the demographic Miscavige most needs to court – members with money (after all, the 20-somethings in the cult, kids of existing members, don’t typically have much money of their own).


And don’t forget that Miscavige is the ultimate perfectionist, spending years spinning his wheels on minutiae while letting huge moneymaking opportunities sink into the swamp. If he were actually trying to write OT IX-OT XV, it will take more years than he has left on this mortal coil to make it happen. (…)

But I believe that other factors, the result of all the strategic errors he’s made in the last 30 years. (…) I’m extremely confident that he will continue to tease the upper levels with even more hackneyed promises, events, “prep” classes, and all sorts of other distractions that mean he doesn’t actually have to launch anything new.

My take is that ultimately, he’s trapped and there is simply no way out.

Redigert ned til mer lesbar lengde.

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De har visst laga noen nye “reklamemynter” nå: